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Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

Does Your Electrical Panel Need Replacing?

The electrical panel is at the heart of every electrical system. Your electrical panel distributes the power coming in to your home through your electrical systems circuits. Each circuit is protected by a breaker. We’ve all experienced a “tripped breaker”. This occurs when the circuit is drawing too much power. If you are experiencing constantly tripping breakers or your panel feels hot to the touch or makes a buzzing sound, you have an electrical panel issue that needs immediate attention. The experts at Pattie Electric Heating and Cooling have been serving the needs of the community since 1968 and are experts when it comes to electrical panel repair and replacement. Our technicians can inspect your electrical panel and look for signs of wear and poor connections. Should you need to update, replace or add a sub panel we can diagnose the problem and provide you with the best solution at a fair price.

Signs You May Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Electrical Panel

Another common problem of electrical panels is overloading. Depending on the age of your home it’s possible that the original electrical panel may not be capable of handling many of today’s high-tech and high-power electronics. At the time the home was built many of these newer electronics may not have existed. Overloading of older panels can present a major fire risk. Our electricians use a special meter to inspect your panel and heat guns to determine if a panel is overheating. Generally, overheating of panels is a sign your panel needs replacing or upgrading. Pattie Electric Heating and Cooling can upgrade your homes meter and electrical panel to allow for more electrical power in your home. We can also install a new grounding system, new breakers and new service entry wire.

Why Choose Pattie Electric Heating and Cooling?

Pattie Electric Heating & Cooling has been “Exceeding Customers Expectations for Over 50 Years”. We are a local, family owned business that has built a reputation for outstanding service and customer satisfaction. Our vehicles are always fully stocked to take on most projects we might encounter and even if your project is a major installation our technicians have what they need to get the job started.

If you are concerned about the health of your home’s electrical panel, please contact us today to schedule an appointment and inspection. We will gladly provide you with a quote which will include any permits that are required.

        Pattie Electric Heating & Cooling has been

“Exceeding Customer Expectations for Over 50 Years”

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